Reduce food waste by giving wilted fruits and veggies new life

BZ 042518 Old Produce 02-1

It’s time to embrace ugly produce and fruit and veggies a little past their prime.


Here's where and when to find Northern Utah farmers markets

MH 062417 Farmers Market Ogden 21-20

Northern Utah offers a handful of farmers markets throughout the summer.


Northern Utah farmers dish on how to pick a peck of promising produce

watermelon stock image

Farmers offer their tips for getting the best fresh fruits and vegetables in Northern Utah.


What Northern Utah restaurants have brunch specials for Mother's Day 2018?

Mother's Day brunch

Want to treat mom to a special brunch this Mother’s Day? Check out this list of special brunch deals for moms. 

Health Care

Going vegan: Sidestep pitfalls through careful meal planning

Vegan diets take more planning

Savory steaks, chops and roasts are used to anchor the all-American meal, but whether driven by health or ethical reasons, veganism is on the rise in the U.S. While such a diet can be healthier in some respects, eating purely plant-based foods also requires more planning to avoid nutritional...


Idle Isle Cafe celebrates 97 years with theater shows about its history

Idle Isle 97th anniversary

One of the oldest restaurants in Utah got its start way back in May of 1921 on Brigham City’s Main Street.


17 restaurants, bars with outdoor seating in Ogden, Layton, Farmington, more

Even Stevens Patio 1

Looking for a Northern Utah restaurant or bar with a patio? Check out one of these locations in Ogden, Farmington, Eden, Layton and beyond.


State forces Utah's dining clubs to choose identity: Bar or restaurant

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Three Weber County dining clubs will have to choose before July 1 whether to continue on as a bar or a restaurant. Under a new state law, dining clubs will be no more.

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